“A Bad Case of Stripes”

Tumblr has found its voice, and its name is Melvin.

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The Events in Ferguson will one day make a great movie for white people to feel guilty about and give an academy award to

and the story will revolve around a white journalist who ultimately realizes that wow, we’re all human

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Polar stratospheric cloud photographed in Antarctica

Polar stratospheric cloud photographed in Antarctica

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"'I think it'd be nice,' Chris says to Billie, 'if you, at this point, do things. Rose flies the TARDIS now and he doesn't watch her, he just knows she can do it.' Billie grins. 'Yes, work round each other,' says James, seizing on Chris' suggestion. 'If you're co-pilots, that's great!'"

— DWM 355 (filming the opening to The Empty Child)

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if you think usagi is straight you’re a joke


go spam this person. Nothing mean/death threats or anything. Just literally be annoying, send single letters of the alphabet to their inbox even, make it clear that it’s because they’re a rape apologist so that they know spewing their thoughts on why victims are to…

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The official, 100% real Korra Book 3 trailer is here! New Book 3 music by Jeremy Zuckerman. Edited by Jeff Adams. Motion graphics by Matt Gadbois. Enjoy!

Thanks to the shenanigans of Leaky McLeakerpants, we have released the *OFFICIAL* Book 3 trailer early. Hope you enjoy! Also here on Nick.com.

holy fuck it’s beautiful

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